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We believe in co-constructing this landscape with the children free of fear, shame and taboos.

What is Safety Troop?

Safety Troop is a child safety education program. Safety troopers are your child's best friends who educate, guide and empower your child with requisite knowledge and skills to face the dangers around them.

How will a child or a parent benefit by subscribing to safety troop?

As a parent one of your constant worry is ensuring your child is safe. Parents and schools often struggle to discuss safety issues with children. Ignorance and lack of guidance makes children prone to unsafe situations. We at Safety Troops are committed to addressing this concern by providing age appropriate interactive course content that addresses safety issues concerning children. Our courses ensure your child is made aware of these safety issues around him/her and has requisite skills and knowledge to face them. We ensure this through our modules, activities and assessments.

What type of organisation is Safety troop?

Safety Troop is a child centric organisation. We are social constructivists and do not consider children to be passive recipients of knowledge. Our programmes therefore, involves the participation of our learners and also tries to examine and understand their concerns through their eyes. We are a team of educators, trainers and mental health professionals who have experience working with children.

How and when was safety troop founded?

Safety Troop was founded on April, 2020 around the covid lockdown period. Our founding members were concerned about the shift in education with virtual learning modes. Being familiar with the perils this transition brought into the lives of children, Safety Troops was founded, to educate children and support parents to ensure their children are safe online as well as offline.

Do you collaborate with schools and other institutions?

At Safety Troop we believe in- Educating for children's right to be safe and happy. We will be glad to associate and collaborate with institutions committed to this cause.

Does your program have an option to get it customised for groups or institutions?

We are open to discussions. Kindly write to us on the customised requirement.

What is the difference between a beginner, intermediate and advanced plan?

The safety courses at Safety Troop are designed for three levels based on the principle- Awareness- Practice Skills- Demonstrate learning. At basic level we orient the learner to the topic and at intermediate level we ensure they get to practice the knowledge acquired through simulated scenarios and group activities. At advanced level we give the learners opportunities to demonstrate their understanding through small projects and initiatives. While we do not mandate all three levels, the learner will benefit if he/she attends sessions at all three levels.

What is the right age for my child to start understanding these topics?

Safety Troop courses are designed for ages 6-16.This is because our modules are conducted virtually and we believe children below this age will not be able to handle our sessions independently.Nevertheless,safety habits need to be inculcated right from the age a child begins communication. We ensure parents and educators are oriented and educated about these topics to ensure child safety for children below the age of 6 as well.

Why should we focus on these skills at an early age for my child?

To be safe and happy is the basic right of a child. Unfortunately, we live in a world where our children face unsafe scenarios both virtually and in reality. Being informed about these scenarios and guidance on how to steer away from them is very critical for the holistic development of a child. At Safety Troop we believe happy and safe childhood is a basic child right and therefore these skills needs focus from an early age.

Do you offer any help with software's / tool's to keep a tab on my child's interactions's/usage on the internet?

We recommend apps that can help in this. We do not monitor this personally.

Should I allow my child to surf the internet? What is the right age for them to be allowed to surf on the internet?

The world is going digital. And with virtual schooling and other social engagements moving online we are at a cusp of change. Our real worlds and virtual worlds are slowly merging. While this transition might seem easier to children than their caregivers, this cannot be avoided totally. Just like any habit that you have inculcated in your child, this too should be taught and introduced gradually, first under your guidance and then gradually to being independent.

This begins with modelling, the way you spend time online, your transactions online are observed and picked up by your child.In conversations you can discuss safe surfing practices and safety precautions taken. And when your are sure your child is ready you can allow your child to surf.

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