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Bhavya Gandhi

Psychologist profile
Bhavya Gandhi

Bhavya is a counselling Psychologist with an experience of working with people of various age groups like children, adolescents and young adults . She has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of Delhi. She has a collaborative and integrated approach towards counselling. She has successfully worked with over 500 clients. She believes that children too have their own way of expressing emotions which can sometimes be overlooked by parents.


Just like adults, children also experience a million of thoughts and respective feelings in a day. Sometimes they are able to express how they feel, and sometimes it gets a little difficult for them to communicate their feelings. 

Research suggests that children and teens can develop mental health issues due to bullying, school, friendships, birth of siblings, parent’s relationship with each other, divorce etc. They may experience depressive symptoms, behavioral issues, problems in social adjustment, anger issues, problems with self esteem and confidence, etc. Childhood trauma can lead to interpersonal problems later in life.

We at safety troop understand the importance of mental health.