Education For Children's Right To Be Safe & Happy.

They say, it takes a village to raise a child. We help create that village. A village where parents, educators, healers, advocates and leaders come together to ensure children are safe...

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Who We Are

We are a team of passionate individuals who specialise in the area of child safety. We, at Safety Troop, believe that knowledge is empowering and hence, we create age-appropriate modules on child safety. All stakeholders responsible for a child i.e., the teachers, parents, schools, and organizations will benefit from these engaging and relevant learning materials concerning children’s mental, physical and emotional health. The right to feel safe is the basis for a healthy childhood!

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Education for children’s right to be safe and happy!

Children deserve a fearless childhood with opportunities to grow and blossom. With the right blend of education and technology, we are set to ensure this.


Our mission is to:

1. Create safe and happy environments for children by spreading awareness through our interactive safety education programmes for children, parents, and educators.

2. Provide resources and support for facilitators and caregivers to handle and facilitate unsafe scenarios.

3. Support children and families through their healing journey.

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Why Safety Education?

Our collective need and desire for safety sparked our civilization and brought us here. While the idea of safety is expanding on various dimensions with every single minute that passes by, the responsibility of an individual regarding safety rapidly increases too!

An individual's safety not only ensures survival but encompasses a certain standard of life that keeps them good in health, sound in mind, and able to give back to society. Research also shows that the need for Safety and Security is second only to the basic physiological needs of food, clothing and shelter. So, it is only right that we educate our children to be safe.

Why Safety Education

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Every 10 seconds

a new report of child abuse is filed

152 Million

children work as child laborers


of teenagers have encountered some form of cyberbullying

1 in 5

children do not attend school

Learning Communities

Child safety is a social and community responsibility. The immediate people that a child grows up with are the parents, the family, and the educators. So, our programs are designed for the children, the parents, and the educators, providing flexibility of using digital as well as offline modules.

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