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Who we are?

They say, it takes a village to raise a child. We help create that village.A village where parents, educators, healers, advocates and leaders come together to ensure children are safe.



Safety Troopers are a team passionate individuals specialise in the area of child safety. We believe the right to feel safe is the basis for a healthy childhood. A healthy childhood would contribute to better social skills and emotional well being. And an adult equipped with these qualities can skillfully navigate through life and reach higher levels of success.

We work with children, caregivers and organisations to deliver impactful safety education ranging from topics such as preventable injuries to stranger safety, child abuse and cybersafety.

Why do we do it?

According to U.S. News and World Report's global perception-based survey on the best countries to raise children in, India ranks at 65 out of 80 countries. Safety is an important aspect of child-raising, and unfortunately, India lags in this area.

Safety education is undoubtedly the most relevant yet neglected area in the domain of education. Caring and responsible parenting means educating one's child on the realities and dangers of daily life. In a culture, where we teach our children to see god in everyone, it often gets difficult to explain to a child as to how he/she should also discern between right and wrong intentions of people. As a parent, how does one teach one's children to protect themselves from bad people and at the same time, encourage them to be open to the kindness of strangers? How does a modern parent, handle a conversation around child abuse or cyberbullying? It is in these complicated areas that we wish to support parents and teachers to create awareness and advised action.

We at Safety Troop are dedicated to reinventing the wheel. We design interactive safety programmes that are not just limited to information sharing. We believe safety needs to be inculcated as a practice and imbibed into our consciousness thereby making our country a better place for children.

We believe in co-constructing this landscape with the children free of fear, shame and taboos.


Our Approach

Education for children's right to be safe and happy.



Children deserve a childhood free from violence and trauma. With the right blend of education and technology we believe we can ensure this through our child safety education programmes. Our programmes are learner-centric and we do not believe that our learners are passive recipients of knowledge. We envision a programme that ensures the learner is involved and engaged in the process of discovering safety. Our modules, learning materials and facilitation methods are designed to ensure the same.



Our mission is to:

  1. Create safe and happy environments for children through our interactive safety education programmes to learn and discuss issues concerning their safety.
  2. Provide resources and support for facilitators and caregivers to handle and facilitate unsafe scenarios.
  3. Support children and families through their healing journey.

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